"What's for dinner tonight...?"😬
Hello beautiful mom, I've got your back with a done-for-you meal plan!

>> Get instant access to my personal recipe ideas calendar and planning strategy worth $297 for only $27.
>> 365 days of meals planned out for you!
*No more cooking the same old recipe, over and over again!
* No more last minute junk food order and expecting to raise healthy kids!
Side effects: homes smell so good that kids may show unusual signs of blissfulness!
Many parents understand the importance of raising a healthy family - but there’s a problem...
They never know what to cook…

They have a few go-to recipes the family likes, but voilà, that’s it.
That's why today, I'm offering Instant access to my personal calendar and planning strategy worth $297...

For Only $27

Meal Planning made easy...

Imagine starting your week knowing exactly what to eat.

How would you feel if you knew what to say to the eternal "What's for dinner?"
How would your life be different if you could:

* Confidently start your week because you know exactly what to eat for dinner every day

* Stop feeling exhausted with all the things you have to do, and actually feel relaxed

* No more cooking the same old recipe, over and over again

* No more last minute junk food order and expecting to raise healthy kids

* No more boring meals, no more boxed mac and cheese

* Impress your family and friends with a simple, yet delicious French meal

* Create magical French meals your loved ones will talk about for years

* Create extraordinary moments with your loved ones

* Spend less money in cooking kits, restaurants and meal delivery services

* Eat like the French without traveling to Paris all the time

* Eat healthy, flavorful and colorful food
You feel like you tried everything...

...from subscribing to cooking kits, to watching tons of cooking videos, to taking cooking classes. 

Or maybe you tried organising your weeks only to fail with actually implementing your plan.

Your heart breaks in thousands parts when you order junk food, knowing that you could do better for your kids.

You don’t have anymore time to waste.

You don’t have anymore money to waste on expensive food delivery, or cooking kits
There’s a little known secret...
...behind those “super parents” that seem to have good food for dinner every day, without constantly ordering food, and without spending tons of money on cooking kits.
It’s time for you to discover their little known secret.
Unlike any other recipe planning template you may have seen, this daily recipe calendar comes with a full  YEAR of daily + healthy French meal ideas for the entire family.

You deserve to feel relaxed and eat healthy food.

You deserve to enjoy good food like French people do.

Never again feel bad wondering if your kids will be healthy.

- A clear vision of exactly how to raise healthy kids
- Ways to create French & French-inspired meals your loved ones will talk about for years, even if you are a beginner cook
- Kitchen tools that will make your life so much easier

What's included...
365 Days of French Recipe Ideas

* Twelve editable monthly calendars

* French & American Holidays to celebrate with your family an friends

* Ideas for repetitive weekly recipes

Easily Edited,

* Done-for-you French Recipes calendar template

* Editable

* Printable 

* Google Sheet


The Fast Track to a Healthy French Gourmet Lifestyle

* Save hours of trying to plan your weekly dinners, fifty-two times a year!

* Tips & Tricks for making the most of this calendar

* Perfect for the busy moms and dads

WARNING: Your kids might cook you gourmet food when they are grown up

No More “I don't know what to cook

* LESS STRESS choosing a recipe

* BONUS: EVERNOTE RECIPE IDEAS CHEAT SHEET: Never forget about a recipe idea while playing with your kids or surfing the web. 
>> Easily keep your recipe ideas and links before they are gone forever.
Want a sneak peek?

Why Should You Trust Me?
- I don’t just teach this things, I live by them

- I have two businesses and still have time to eat healthy

- The "meal planning" part was always very painful. Today, questions like "What should I cook today?", "What's for dinner tonight?" or "what are we going to eat tomorrow?" are now frustrations from the past

- I’m a GOOD mom, I want the best for my kids and the generations to come

- Sometimes I invite my daughter to cook with me, we're having fun together while preparing our meals

- My daughter runs home from school right into the kitchen, she loves to eat good food

Bonjour! I'm Virginie from the South of France
Bonjour, I'm Virginie! I'm a French Cooking & planning expert for busy parents.

After seven years spent growing my happy family, I've learned exactly how frustrating it can be for a parent to raise healthy children. Over time, I've learned how to organise myself and my kitchen while doing the endless list of things a parent has to do - I've mastered how to raise a happy, healthy and gourmet daughter, while spending less money.

My 8-year old daughter Linda begs me for a homemade French split pea soup and madeleine cakes. She is regularly saying "umm it smells so good, maman...can I try?". At age 2, she was eating homemade pesto sauce with the spoon (like some kids eat candies ;).

It's time for you to decide what you really want this year. Perhaps you want to spend your money more wisely instead of paying hundreds of dollars in cooking kits.

Or spend more time doing things you really love, like spending more quality time with your family and friends, learning how to finally bake macarons, reading the book that has been on your night stand for months - you get to decide.
Just know that whatever you want for yourself and your family is within your reach right now...
You're Ready for this 365 calendar if...

- You're passionate about your family and ready to be more productive

- You want to add new recipes to your recipe box.

- Your husband is French and you want to prepare him more of his favorite French meals.

- You desire to impress your family and friends with a simple, yet true French meal

- You desire to create magical French meals your loved ones will talk about for years

- You really want to spend less money in restaurants, cooking kits and meal delivery services

- Your dream is to live a French gourmet lifestyle

- You want to eat like a French woman/man

- You want to start taking more control of what's in your plate (no more harmful additives)
The 365 French Recipes Calendar Is Not For You If...

- You don't have a kitchen
- You don't want to improve your life. Really?
- You don't like the French. I'm joking 😉

Let me ask you this...what is standing in the way of you finally enjoying good food and becoming the most looked-after mom/dad in your neighbourhood?

I know a calendar won't make you a cook. 
Cooking skills do. 
That's why I created and included a training on how to cook French recipes with confidence as a limited offer when you order the planner today.
When you click the "Yes, I want this!" button below, you'll be brought to a checkout page where you can enter in your payment details directly.

This is a special offer and will be going up in price soon. You won't see it anywhere else. You really don't want to miss this opportunity to eat like a French!
 What if I'm not tech-savvy?

This product is very easy to use, you can just open the email you will receive and download or print the calendar. All you need is a smartphone, or a laptop, an email address and a printer.

I am super overbooked with my job/business, is this for me?

That's me too! I own two businesses and my time is very limited. That's exactly why I've created this planning system to help me exactly with the never ending question "What are we going to eat tonight" while staring at an empty fridge.

What if I can't commit to daily cooking?

If you've read until now, you know that eating healthy is important to raise happy kids. It's not about an all-or-nothing mentally. Even if this calendar helps you cook a homemade French dinner for the first time, OR cook one weekly fresh French meal - it will be worth the small price of $27.

I'm vegetarian/vegan will this work for me?

Although this calendar is not intended for families with dietary restrictions or vegan lifestyle, there are several French vegetarian/vegan recipe ideas. You can edit it easily to your own needs, and replace the non-vegetarian/vegan recipe prompts with your own. 

When do I get access to the files?

You will receive an email to your inbox right after your purchase.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this product, we do not offer refunds. And because the products and courses are accessible at the time of purchase, and are downloadable at the time of purchase, we do not offer refunds. All purchases are binding. But there's another reason: I want you to succeed. When you buy this product, you're committing and that's the first step to a successful life.
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